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A Cannon of Games

If you are interested in games and the wonderful power they have we recommend this list

* Journey
* Florence
* Little Big Planet
* Myst
* Two Brothers
* Among Us
* SweetXHeart
* AdVenture Capitalist
* You are Jeff Bezos
* Queers in Love at the End of the World
* The Uncle Who Works at Nintendo
* Hair Nah
* Depression Quest
* Bury me, my love
* McDonalds Video Game
* The Best Amendment
* Novena
* Under a Star Called Sun
* Loneliness
* A Prison Strike
* Passage
* A Series of Gun Shots
* Quick, Draw!
* Boat Prom
* My Father’s Long, Long Legs

Protest Games


Alice is Missing Quest Grave Liaisons Reverse Beast Master The Quiet Year

Crystallo Raging Bulls

Art Games


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